Ebenezer Psychiatric Home needs your help!

Ebenezer Psychiatric Home is CONTINUALLY RUNNING AT A LOSS. The Home is a NPO organization and relies heavily on monthly subsidies from the Department of Health. These, as you know, are few and far between. At the end of May, we have come to the point where we have not received our monthly subsidy for 3 months.

How would you like to sponsor a resident for six months or as many months as you can? This will help the home financially as we need basic groceries and foodstuffs per resident.

Would it also be possible to give the home a cash injection?

Apart from fundraising, we need to get the home known out there, via publicity and advertising our organization.

Fundraising has been used as a platform to create publicity for our home and get it known so it can raise funds on a continual basis.

To this end Ebenezer Psychiatric Home put together its most significant fundraiser to date. The annual Bell of Hope Cycle Challenge for Mental Wellness, in honour of National Bipolar Day (26 May).

Although this cycle challenge was a success, it has raised enough money to keep the home alive for only one month. Further fundraising is needed desperately so that the home is not threatened with closure.

Charmaine Hennings our Director WILL NOT let the home close down as all the residents have have been abandoned by their families and friends, and literally have nowhere else to go. She gives her residents a refuge and protects them to the end.

The publicity received from our annual Bell of Hope cycle challenge has been huge. The first cycle event in 2013 raised interest in our home, and although it was a success for the first one out, it made less than what a month could carry. When our second one came up this year on Sunday, 25 May 2014, the response was more far reaching than we imagined. Again publicity and advertising the fundraiser was offered to us free of charge, and we didn’t always ask for it, it was seen by various sources and was enthusiastically offered to us free of charge.

Further to this advertising and publicity, we have been approached by the same people and new big companies who have offered their services free of charge for our event in 2015. This is an unexpected surprise and realization that we have come so far in getting our name out there.

Ebenezer Psychiatric Home is also looking at putting together an off-road cycling event, Ebenezer Cycling Challenge, to again raise funds for Ebenezer. This event is in honour of International Mental Health Day (10 October). 2014 is our first one out and will take place on Sunday, 12 October 2014. For more information, visit our Events page.

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