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    Good Day

    I have a 17 year old son who has Fetal Alcohol syndrome. He is articulate and has a pleasant nature, but has some profound cognitive deficits. He is currently completing Grade 6. He is need of a place where he can be managed and supported, while learning to be self sufficient. please let me know if you are able to help?

  2. Lerato

    Hi there,I need your help.I have a brother who is schizophrenic.we usually take him to hospital however after a 72hours they discharge him.I wanted to know if your institution can be able to help us

  3. Bonnie

    Good day

    I would like to find out more about your home as I have family member who I think will benefit tremendously from a home like the one you have. We are based in Limpopo but I was unable to find a similar home in Limpopo. Please send me details of any homes that you know of in Limpopo if there are any. If not, please send me more information on how I can get my cousin into your home.

    Kind regards,

  4. Jenine

    Good day,

    We would like to find out more on your facilities and the cost of living at the facility. If more information from our side is needed please feel free to contact us so we could elaborate on our current status.


  5. Thandeka

    Good morning sir / madam

    My name is Thandeka Moloisi, I have been looking at your website and I am happy with all the efforts you are doing for mental ill people.

    I have a cousin who was born in 1993 and live in Zone 9 Meadowlands all was good in his life he even went to school until grade 11, and after that we started noticing a bit of a change with him eg: you will talk to him and he will not respond or respond with a totally different answer, would talk by him self, tell people that his a taxi owner , that his won the lottery and the list goes on.

    He was born by someone who also had mental illness and we sometimes wonder if this is the reason he’s also experiencing the same problem.

    He is sometimes aggressive and checky, will sleep for the whole day without eating nor bathing.

    He went to Baragwanath hospital and stayed there for some time and came back ok as he was now given treatment called respiredal to calm his mood swings down. All was ok he even went to a school where he was doing a learner ship and he got a job I’m not what he was doing but he was earning R 3000 a month the contact ended and that’s when he started getting sick again. He was then called to go and work at CNA I’m not sure what happened there as he is no longer goes there, and his back to square one.

    My concern is that he is living with my grandmother and she is 75 and at times she can’t take it because of old age. Is there any chance that you help us my email address is or you can give me a call on 076 558 0582.


    TP Moloisi

  6. Antoinette Odendaal

    To whom this may concern,

    We are urgently looking for permanent accommodation for a family member who have severe schizophrenia. He is 54 years old and resides with my mother who can not take care of him any longer
    due to her age and fragility. We need urgent help.

  7. Jade

    Please can you contact me regarding my son.. I would just like to know if you take people with aggression problems.. He has also been in jail for assault gbh and got involved in the gangs.. He has been in and out of different institutions We have honestly tried everything but are at the end of our rope.. He has been diagnosed with anti social personality disorder and as a psychopath.. When he is taking his medication he is fine but when he doesn’t he goes psychotic and threatens to kill us all..

    Please could you get back to me ASAP

    I am honestly at my wits end

    Thank you so much

    Kind Regards
    Jade Hayes

  8. Antoinette Rossouw

    Please advise on the following: my 63 year old sister has be diagnosed as bipolar. I understand your facility caters for people who are as challenged as she is. Please, if you can help, send me more details as well as cost involved.
    Antoinette Rossouw

  9. Rosemary

    Hi, my brother is bipolar but is still working. He lives alone but we are looking for a place where there will be help should something happens or he has a psychotic episode. Would you take someone in who can still go to work every day?

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