Bell of Hope 2014 was a huge success!

Thank you so much to those who entered the 2014 Bell of Hope Cycle Challenge for Mental Wellness.

This year (Sunday, 25 May 2014), the event was very successful. We received double the amount of entries than we did in 2013.

Together with the interested created in 2013, contacts we were introduced to, and the publicity received, it just made the success of the event that much easier to achieve. Some of the publicity we had to approach to get, while others just fell in our laps.

We had to apply for some sponsors, these were easy to get, and then some of the services we used in 2013, were more than willing to come back in 2014 to assist us once again free of charge.

We have been told that our event will grow in leaps and bounds. Let us see what happens in 2015.

Our thanks go out to the following people for making this event as successful as it was:

  • Peter Linakis – GP Emergency Services (Paramedics)
  • JP Venter – Quellerina Radio Control (Lead, sweep, last vehicles)
  • Andre Nel – Think Bike (Marshals)
  • Corrie Niemann – Cradle Crawlers (affiliate club)
  • Nardus Coetzee – Cradle Crawlers (affiliate club)
  • Bryan Murray – Mogale City Traffic Department
  • Victor Hulley – Entertainment
  • Damon Berry – Voice Over for our 94.7 Highveld Stereo and 702 Talk Radio ad
  • William Morrison – Supporting roaming vehicle and photographer
  • Henry Hennings – roaming vehicles
  • Ebenezer Residents – Manning Water Holes
  • Resident cyclists: Krisjan Maritz; David Crisp; Shaun Marais
  • Charmaine Hennings – Director of Ebenezer Psychiatric Home

Our sponsors:

  • ABI – Powerade
  • Neslte – Bar Ones and Milo Drink
  • Ride Magazine – Free calendar
  • Kurt Li – Flyers, posters, 5 x cyclist jerseys
  • Backsberg wines
  • Cape Union Mart
  • Riverstone Lodge
  • Glenburn Lodge
  • Kloofzicht Lodge
  • Toadbury Hall
  • Soulstice Spa
  • Ram Rod Digital Lighting
  • Future Life

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